Giovanni Benedetto Tercasio

He was born of Antonello and Oderisia Guarnieri, descendant of an ancient family from the countryside, he had the titles of Count Palatine and Mayor of the City in the years ranging from 1528 to 1530, he was an expert in legal disciplines and listener of the Count of Campagna Ferdinando Orsini .
A man of strong cultural heritage, he was a member of the Academies of the Taciturns and of the Solitari which were based in Campagna in the 16th century. United in marriage Maddalena Valva, a noblewoman from the countryside. He taught law in Campagna, Salerno, Naples, accumulating enormous wealth that was already added to the large family sums.
At the opening of his will, he strongly wanted the construction of a Franciscan monastery in the city of Campagna 1 for the education and protection of twelve families designated by him, ensuring their protection, safety and education.
The construction of the imposing building, today Palazzo Tercasio, reached its peak in 1554, as shown by the date engraved at the entrance to the chapel dedicated to Saints Philip and James Minor, present in the building.
The families indicated, to express their heartfelt gratitude, wanted to build a monumental tomb in his memory and in his honor, initially placed in the elegant cloister and later located in the crypt of the Cathedral of "Santa Maria della Pace" in 1879, when the chapel was destined to armory of one of the largest barracks of the Kingdom of Italy, specifically the 81st military district of the Royal Army was located there.
In his life he wrote many legal and historical treatises and left to posterity a library of inestimable value.
Text by Cristian Viglione.
Revisions: Francesco Pezzuti.

Podcast article.

Made by Diego Magliano.

1. - A.V. RIVELLI - Historical memories of the city of Campagna - vol II.

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