Chapel of Madonna delle Grazie

The chapel represents a very important point in the history of Campagna, it takes shape around 1500 through a painting of the Madonna delle Grazie, its history is connected to another location in the city, the area of ​​Madonna del Ponte.
According to legend, it is said that while a carriage was traveling along the road we now call "Vecchia Matera", at the height where the church dedicated to the Madonna del Ponte currently stands, there was an inn, this carriage fell into a cliff, the innkeeper together with the other people present, they rushed to the spot to see how it helps the unfortunate, arrived on the spot and resigned to the worst, they realized that they had all saved their lives, at which point they immediately invoked the miracle and so they decided to build a votive aedicule with an image of the Madonna to seal the memory of this event. In the same period, they made a similar painting here at the entrance to Campagna and it seems that the painting was made by a monk who lived in the Sanctuary of the Madonna d'Avigliano.
Probably, it was decided to build the Chapel here, also for questions also related to the toponymy of the time, in those years the territory of Campagna was divided into two large groups, the right area, the inhabitants of the Furano area, were those who they crossed this only access road, so walking along the road one could receive the maternal greeting of the Madonna.
Over the centuries it was always a point of reference for the faithful and pilgrims, especially when natural disasters drove the inhabitants to gather in the nearby district of Sant'Antonio and thus could ask for divine intercession in order to seek comfort, as happened, for example, in the earthquake of 1860.
The Chapel was enlarged immediately after the war apparently by a family from Campagna, the Spinola family, who also created rooms to allow the monk who came to officiate to stay overnight, after the creation of the current access road to the village and the friar who took care of it died, the Chapel underwent a downsizing, until the 60s of the last century, when the priest Gibboni, moved with compassion for the state of the aedicule, asked a group of Campagnasi to take care of it load through Mr. Liberato Trotta, who restored the structure again.

Text edited by Cristian Viglione.

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Trailer of the eighth episode of the format "Pleasure, Campaign." concerning the structure and the church.

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