Giovanni Antonio De Nigris

(Campaign, 1502 - Campaign 1570)

He was born in Campagna in 1502 by Dr. Giovan Pietro, scholar from Campania, descendant of ancient and noble families from Campania.
From an early age he was directed to study entrusting it to the education of the learned Antonello and Benedetto Tercasio , both jurists thick, their precious teachings soon gave their fruits. In fact, in 1524, at the age of only 22, De Nigris soon became a Doctor of Law with a specialization in Law, starting the activity of Professor at the Studio Generale at the Dominican convent of San Bartolomeo.
On March 7, 1536, he finished writing his first work: "De Vita et Honestate Clericorum" 1 , which he dedicated to the first bishop of the "young woman" Diocese of Campagna, Cherubino Caetani, in this book Giovanni Antonio also focused on the figure of the pope of the time Paul III, impressed, the pontiff rewarded him with the title of Palatine Knight 2 .
But the real importance of this publication lies in the fact that it paved the way for what would soon become an extraordinary event for the city, the installation of the first movable type printing press in the whole Principality of Citra, forever replacing the old, slow and worn stamp method used up to that moment in the whole district.
The new printing business was established at the Monastery of San Filippo and San Giacomo (today's Palazzo Tercasio), thanks also to the help of Marco Fileta Filiuli , another prominent person in the historical panorama of the countryside, the Marche printer Francesco De Fabris 3 was summoned for the installation and implementation operations , forming the Campagnese Domenico Nibbio and laying the foundations for a flourishing period of important publications.
De Nigris also dealt with cultural activities, he was one of the founding fathers of the Accademia dei Solitari , having the first presidency, it was established in what at the time was the city hospital (today the Carabinieri barracks in l.go Sant'Antonio) and they used to meet on Thursday evening 4 to give life to moments and discussions of a philological nature and how to increase the cultural level in the city.
In conclusion, we can safely assert that De Nigris was one of the most brilliant minds we can count in our history and that, with its culture, it has contributed significantly to the growth and prestige of our city.

Text by Cristian Viglione.
Revisions: Francesco Pezzuti.

Podcast article.

< / figures> Made by Diego Magliano.

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