San Liberato Martire

Campagna includes another minor co-patron saint of the City together with the aforementioned Santa Maria Domenica : San Liberato Martire. Unfortunately, given the enormous temporal distance that separates us from his brutal death by Diocletian, here too, and due to the scarcity of documents, I can speak very little of his birth and his life. The only certain information, namely the name and his sanctity, are due to the ampoule containing his blood, now reduced to the bottom only, both emerged in the reconnaissance of the body which took place in 1944.
The situation is different for his "arrival" in Campagna.
The bones of the saint were brought from Rome in 1797 by the noble from Campania Antonino Cervone thanks to the magnanimity of Pope Pius VI¹, who consented to be extracted from the catacombs to transport them to the church of SS. Trinità, precisely in the noble chapel of the Cervone family, which has always been a place of worship and veneration of the people of Campagna and neighboring villages. In fact, both in the celebrations of the I and II centenary - respectively in 1897 in 1997 - and in the reconnaissance and recomposition of the bones of 1952, carried out by Mons.Buglione and Palatucci , there were large-scale religious events with great participation of the people.

Text by Cristian Viglione.
Revisions: Francesco Pezzuti.

Podcast article.

Made by Diego Magliano.

1. Liberato Trotta - The centenary of the transfer of the body of San Liberato Martire from Rome to Campagna 1797-1997. - p. 1

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