Church of the SS. Salvatore and S. Antonino.

The church stands in the primordial district of Zappino, the documentary history of the church of SS. Salvatore, thus called in the first centuries, begins in the Lombard era, precisely in 1168 as it emerges from the first ecclesial documents.
Immediately active with social functions as well as ecclesial ones as evidenced by the seat of the confraternity of Santa Maria della Neve, the first erected in the history of Campagna, which immediately had the devotion and care of the thaumaturgical column of Sant'Antonino.
The church has three naves, where in the central one there is a mighty colonnade dating back to the 16th century, the lateral naves are made up of altars dedicated to the saints present: San Francesco da Paola and the Madonna delle Neve on the right, on the left stands the majestic altar dedicated to the Patron Saint Sant'Antonino with attached column.
Other paintings and statues present are dedicated to: San Rocco, the Crucifix, the Baptism of Christ, Santa Rosa, Santa Lucia, the Heart of Jesus, San Lorenzo, Our Lady of Pompeii, San Giuseppe and the canonical statue for the processions Sant 'Antoninus in silver.
The ceiling is adorned with gilded wooden canvases with representations of a Miracle of Sant'Antonino, the Madonna and Saints and the Transfiguration of Jesus, we can say with almost certainty however, that in the subsoil there are rooms used as catacombs as required the method of burial until the Bonapartian edict of Sant Cloud of June 12, 1804.
Over the centuries, the church has undergone various modernization and restoration works, the major ones after the Second World War and after the earthquake of November 23, 1980, nevertheless it has preserved the ancient structure, cults and spiritual rites.

Curiosity: today's facade and architecture is distorted with respect to the structural origins, as Duke Pironti, during the construction of the adjacent building, had the primordial bell tower demolished and rebuilt at his own expense and had the entrance to the temple reversed (as is see today) to give greater prestige to the building itself.
Until the early 1990s, thanks to the thaumaturgical column, the church was the site of exorcisms and the destination of numerous pilgrimages.


Trailer of the sixth episode of the format "Pleasure, Campaign." concerning the church.

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